Ellis & Warren Marine Services

Ellis and Warren have provided a professional and dedicated service working alongside the R.N.L.I. for the last nine years. They have developed tooling and improved existing processes to ensure the manufacture of extremely high quality composite components for our lifeboats. Their experience, attention to detail and “can do?attitude has made a significant contribution to quality and to the reduction in costs.

  • Angus Watson ?Head of Construction & Refit
Ate Aerotech

Aerodynamic Test Equipment Ltd (ATE ?Aerotech) have engaged Ellis & Warren Marine Services on three separate occasions over the past 12 years and have built up a good working relationship with them. All three projects were similar, whereby ATE required a large carbon fibre fairing of approximate size 2m H x 3m L x 1m W to cover/shield the upper section of a translating strut that formed part of a large traversing system. Each of the traversing systems were installed in large automotive wind tunnels. One for Chrysler in the USA. One for GIE-S2A in France and most recently one for major car manufacturer in Germany. All three fairings are of aerodynamic shape and incorporate a removable panel for access to various system components, each has to maintain high stiffness and low mass to maintain total system low frequency. In each case the quality of work for both the tooling and finished fairing was exceptional and built to schedule. Throughout each project ATE were kept up to date with progress reports incorporating photographs and telephone communication for discussion as necessary. We will most certainly use Ellis and Warren for future projects.

  • Peter Signe ?Projects Manager
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